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As an actress, I have gained skills from the performances and exercises that I have done in the past that impacted my development. The skills that I have acquired throughout prier classes are compromising, creative insight and commitment. While I was working on the improvisation unit as the character Mindy, I worked together in a massive group and during that unit we had different ideas, so I decided to combine everyone’s ideas together and compromise with the whole group, until we were all satisfied with the script and the staging. Another skill that I possess is having creative insight. Back in grade 9, my group and I put our intake on a poem called “Escape”, in this poem that we reenacted, I played as a demon. The poem was about someone who is being chased by a man, but after analyzing the poem. I told my group that we could do it about mental health and about someone who is being haunted by their “demons”. Another skill that I have as an actress is commitment. Commitment is crucial when it comes to acting, putting in time and effort into a play is very important. For the final exam that I had last year which was about 9/11, I played the role as a caucasian girl who had a muslim boyfriend that her parents did not approve of. The play that we had was something that was something that took a lot of time and effort. My group and I would stay afterschool to change up scenes and I would stay up late writing the scenes. It was a lot of commitment that my group and I had to put

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