Career Journey For Success : My Career Path

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Career Journey to Success

My career path was rerouted after the birth to my son. I was managing a 24-hour Alarm Monitoring Call Center with two years of college education in Psychology. Due to an inconsistent work schedule and difficulty locating Psychology courses that worked around my schedule, I decided to change my career path to Business Management, since I already had nearly 8 years experience in supervision and management. My mentor introduced me and made me familiar with the Dictionary of Occupational (DOT) following high school. The DOT is comprised of all occupations and job titles, salary ranges, responsibilities, and industries (Berry, 2003). As I prepared for my new journey, I evaluated my decision, researched, planned, applied for new occupations that interest me, and prepared for my new career in Management.
I soul searched my career path to ensure my thoughts and motivations were parallel. Although, I managed a call center for many years, often versioned quitting because the position lacked fulfillment in many areas. I realized I possess the ability to lead others and get encourage them to adhere to the rules of the organization, I also documented well, lead by example, was a team player, and encouraged others to do well. As I came to a conclusion, I stopped determine what motivated me in this position. Berry (2003) discusses intrinsic and extrinsic reward systems. Intrinsic rewards are motivations that offer

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