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Career Fair
Mike Russell
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Accurate accounting and the understanding can make or break your company or organization; not to mention possible jail time in the worse cases. The first way of ensuring accurate accounting is understanding the objectives. The second way is to understand the terminology of the accounting process and in the financial reporting aspects. The third way is to understand the ethics behind the accounting and reporting process. The forth way is to impement your role in the accounting process. Career Fair The primary objectives of accounting, basic terminology in the accounting process, the financial reporting, the ethics and the individual role each of us can play in the accounting process
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These companies like Enron caused so many heartaches with the public that nothing will ever be done to help those people that lost everything from these scandals. The Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002 was the newest regulation guidelines from the government that requires financiers to receive financial information pertaining to securities offered for public sale and it prevents deceit, misrepresentation or any other fraud in securities; hence why it is sometimes called the "truth in securities" law (The Laws That Govern the Securities Industry, 2013). I personally think this will stop a lot of these scandals and will better help the people and corporations in doing the right thing. This Act should better provide implantations of more guarded regulations for accountability of companies. I also think this act will help ensue better ethics into companies, because with all of the scandals being publicized it now becomes everyone's responsibilities in reporting correctly. I think with people seeing these CEO's and executives going to jail; it will make other even not at that level do the right thing or at least report it.
Role Technology Plays in Small Business Accounting
In today's time the accounting and book keeping ranges from the old way of paper and pen to extremely large accounting data base systems for the major companies and organizations around the world; although either system could be used but
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