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Career and College Research Paper
Kids always here the same thing when they first tell their parents what they want to be when they grow up, “you can be anything you want to be if you work hard at it.” While that usually true it’s really hard to be a professional basketball player when you’re under 6’6’’. As we get older and still have that dream of being an all star our parents start to get a little more suggestive about our career choice we start to hear “always have a backup plan.” Hinting that they know we aren't going to make it that far. Then that one day finally arrives when they tell you that one thing every kid hears at least once in your life, “why don’t you be a doctor!” Yes the dreaded doctor kids all over the country fear, the evil man with his cold tools and pointy objects. Most kids immediately throw this idea out the window some of those kids decide this might be a good idea. Being one of those kids I quickly learned it’s a lot more complicated than me as a kid realized. The career I chose was a doctor more specifically a specialist of internal medicine. What internal medicine does is figure out …show more content…

Internal medicine however is mainly in hospitals and the doctor must be in a hospital working under a doctor for their residency stay. While in residency a doctor will work countless hours during the week while most will work 7-7 some will have to work what is known as “on call”. What on call means is that the doctor working on call will work a 36 hour shift. They will come in on regular time but work until noon the next day most get little to no sleep in that small amount of time and it is one of the more grueling work days a resident will have to deal with. As for the location a hospital is almost anywhere in the world since a doctor is one of the most needed professions in today’s world the only place a doctor is truly hard to find are third world

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