Career Plateuing

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Overview/Summary of Article This paper focuses on career plateauing and the relationship between job satisfaction, organizational commitment and turnover intentions and the alleviating effects of mentoring on the relationships between career plateauing and the three dependent variables. I reviewed Samuel O. Salami 's article “Career plateauing and work attitudes: Moderating effects of mentoring others with Nigerian employees”, Salami collected data from 280 government employees in Nigeria, who were more than 30 years of age and came from a wide variety of organizations. The results showed that career plateau (job content and hierarchical) was negatively related to job satisfaction and organizational commitment and was positively related…show more content…
Studies also have shown that mentors have a higher commitment to their organization, decreased intention to turnover and increased job performance. Mentoring provides benefits for its mentors as well, like, professional enhancement, organizational and peer recognition, interpersonal relationship, meaningfulness and fulfillment and productivity. Salami says that mentoring others is plays a alleviating role in the relationship between career plateauing and work attitudes. He states that the alleviating effects of mentoring in the plateauing-work attitude link is based on the career and life stage writings particularly Levinson 's life cycle theory. Levinson 's middle adulthood stage and mid-life transition is at the center of this study. Salami explored mentoring others as a coping response to plateauing; in the article it was suggested that mentoring younger employees may help plateaued employees to cognitively manipulate the meaning of being plateaued. Salami 's results indicated that mentoring others was associated with higher levels of satisfaction, commitment and performance among plateaued employees. Results from Salami 's study also indicated that mentoring others was significantly and positively related to job satisfaction and organization commitment but negatively
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