Career Research Paper : Occupational Therapist Assistant

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Career Research Paper: Occupational Therapist Assistant The Psychology Major’s Handbook by Tara L. Kuther gives a list of positions that Psychology majors can obtain with a bachelor’s degree. This list is helpful because only one-fourth of psychology majors go to graduate school immediately following graduation (Kuther, 2015, p. 170). Within this list, the occupation that caught my eye was that of an Occupational Therapist. Though one cannot be an Occupational Therapist with only a bachelor’s degree, one can be an Occupational Therapist Assistant (OTA) with a bachelor’s degree. With other training and licensure, an individual with a bachelor’s in psychology can work in the field of Occupational Therapy because psychology teaches one human service skills. Employers may not understand why a psychology major would be eligible for a job like Occupational Therapy; thus it is the responsibility of the applicant to explain their eligibility for the desired position (Kuther, 2015, p. 171). An Occupational Therapist Assistant, otherwise referred to as an Occupational Therapy Assistant (, is responsible for different tasks that are clerical or kinesthetic. An OTA may be responsible for leading patients in exercises or stretches, helping children complete activities to strengthen their coordination or socialization, or recording the progress of patients (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014, What They Do section, para. 2). If a person was hired in this field with a

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