Caribbean Family Structure

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Left. Jump. Duck. Run. Right. Shoot. The boy sits on the TV playing his video games. His sister just returned from the mall with her friends. They are waiting for their mother and father to come home from work, as they do every day. This is one common family structure in the America society, but other societies, such as the Caribbean, also have family structure. How are the infrastructures in the Caribbean society different and similar to American society familial infrastructures? How are these family structures preparing their children for a future within their respective societies? The main people preparing these children are the parents.
In Caribbean societies, “Men are valued more than females and are seen as the primary disciplinarians and decision makers (“Family Structure”). The men are the unilateral money makers for their families. They also have little to no relationship with their children, if they do, it is with the son. In America, the fathers usually work but, sometimes, they are stay-at-home dads and care for the house and the children. For example, in my family, my father worked during the time my sister was alive but, when I was born, he quit work and became a stay-at-home dad. The fathers in Caribbean and American societies have one main difference, Caribbean dads always work and never have a relationship with their children while American fathers tend to have a better relationship with their children. However, they have one similarity, most of the time,

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