Caribbean Pleasure Industry And Big Pharma, Women And The Labour Of Love Essay

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Upon first glance, it may be difficult to see any correlation between Caribbean Pleasure Industry and Big Pharma, Women and the Labour of Love; after all, the main subjects within each of the respected woks are vastly different in nearly every possible way. On one hand, we have the exploitation of men within the Dominican, using their bodies and communication skills to profit off Caucasian tourists and on the other, we inspect the affiliation between women, pharmaceutical companies, the culture of medicine, and the impacts this has on women and their relationships. In spite of this, by using the perceptions studied and taught by Weeks, we can break down the compositions in place and assign individual aspects within forms of power and social constructions of sexuality. Through this method, we can also determine who, if anyone, has agency within their situations, or if their free will is influenced or directed by outside forces. What I found to be particularly interesting in terms of Weeks’ composition of sexuality, is how family systems and kinships seem to be the foundation of which we construct sexuality as a whole. Traditional families and kinships - families not bound by blood - are living amongst each other, largely in amity. Despite this, the importance of the patterns that we see within these relationships, such as single parenthood, age of marriages, and opinions on non-procreative or non-heteronormative sex, are enhanced through kinships and family ties.

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