Carl Berthold Attaining Aryan Ancestry

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The documents provide that follow the tribulations of Carl Berthold attaining Aryan ancestry depict how everything the well-respected members of society weren’t immune to scrutiny. To protect him and his family’s privacy a pseudonym is used. Berthold was a man whose ancestry was called into question because of its ambiguity. His place of employment (chimnitz welfare office) were cleansing the scourge of Jews that were currently employed by them. His case is highly one of the many that the ancestry tree wasn’t so cut and dry. In his case he was born out of wedlock and the exact identity of the father is unknown. He was raised in a Christian Aryan household of his grandfather. Most likely his case wouldn’t have been examined for over five years if he hadn’t displayed Jewish characteristics. Throughout the documents, there is debate in that his biological father is a circus performer of Jewish descent. He has the name that Berthold’s mother had said was his father. The problem arises when another man, who also is a circus performer, has the same name. The second man, that shares the same name as the first, is of pure Aryan descent. This makes everything even murkier about his origins. In desperation to secure his position at the welfare office, she writes a letter to the minister of labor without the knowledge of her husband. She rants about what a good German her husband and their children are. She also informs them of the physical toll the investigation is taking on him. This

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