Carlas Family Case Study

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Carlas family has had a lot of deaths in the family, but they have not lost hope and they continue to live life even through all the struggles. Carla continued to keep her head up for her grandson when her husband, son, and daughter in law had passed away. Although Carla was not Roland biological mother, she raised him as her own son. She was a single parent after the death of her husband and is a great strength. Carla and her sister also seem to have a strong relationship because they have kept in contact weekly over the phone. Another strength of the family is that they showed resilience despite all the deaths and situations that have occurred within the family. They have moved forward to be there for eachother.

There are various issues that have impacted the family over the years. Carla lost her husband 15 years ago. She has been depending on the paper mills pension but since it went out of business four years ago, the pension fund is at risk. 14 years ago, Carla lost her son and his wife in a car accident. She was left with her grandson, Roland Jr to care for. Roland decided that we needed money so he joined …show more content…

However, it has also seemed to create a financial deficit for Carla. She no longer receives survival benefits since her grandson turned 18 years of age. Carla suffers with diabetes and is insulin dependent, she might not have the financial stability to support her illness. She also did not receive aid or resources from the military since her grandson was married. Since she is struggling with financial deficit, she has not keep a proper upkeep in the home that she is living at. The deaths have also left her lonely. From what her sister has stated, it seems as if she is going through depression. Since the funeral of her grandson, she has not been in contact with her sister which has caused an additional separation within her family system. She is also aging and is completely

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