Carly Fiorina Research Paper

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Many times it is debated what makes the best president for America. Maybe the ultimate leader is brash and honest like Donald Trump, or the leader believes in helping the middle class, like Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. The ideal leader, however, is instead a woman with many leadership characteristics and experience. She is a woman of confidence and of charity. This leader, the sole candidate that can maintain America’s status as a powerful society, is Carly Fiorina. Carly Fiorina is a confident business leader with experience at Hewlett-Packard who also ran many charitable organizations, such as Opportunity International. Because of this, she is the best candidate to lead the United States as a powerful society. Carly Fiorina…show more content…
First, she ran Hewlett-Packard (Mullany). In fact, she only spent six years at the company, meaning that it only took Carly six years to go from rock bottom to CEO (Reston). In her time at the company, she brought it up to be ranked as the 11th largest company in the United States ("Meet Carly | Carly Fiorina for President 2016."). Carly’s leadership brought the company leaps and bounds under her, and brought her to the top in a short time. A strong leader is needed to go from the bottom to the top in less than six years. A strong leader is needed to get a company to be the 11th largest company in the United States. Thus, because she could do all of these things, Carly Fiorina is a strong leader, and demonstrates the leadership qualities. Besides Carly showing her leadership at HP, Carly “has served in a large number of advisory and policy-making positions for national and state governments,” as stated by her campaign website ("Meet Carly | Carly Fiorina for President 2016."). By placing her on these committees, people show their confidence in Carly’s decision-making skills and her decisions themselves. An important ability of a great leader is the ability to make good decisions, which Carly Fiorina demonstrates by being on and staying on these committees. People trust her decisions because they believe she makes the right ones, even if they are…show more content…
This woman’s fresh ideas and leadership experience throughout business and charity make her perfect for the job. Her unsung compassion and trustworthiness say more about her capabilities than the political lies and false promises made by any other candidate. As a result, Carly can get the job done. The popular, confident, experienced and charitable businesswoman is the only capable candidate to take on the responsibility of maintaining America’s status as a powerful society. Carly Fiorina can restore our strength, our honor, our pride, and most of all, our respect for ourselves, as Americans, the people of the greatest country of the
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