Carmagnole: A Song Made Popular During The 18th Century

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"Carmagnole." Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia (2015): 1p. 1. Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia. Web. 2 Feb. 2016.

The database cited here offers insight into the Carmagnole, a song created and made popular during the 18th century in Paris. The song was brought into Paris from Marseille, where the song became widespread after the storming of the Tuileries, a royal palace. The song itself includes 13 two-line stanzas, each ending with a phrase that praises the French Revolution. Over time, new stanzas were added and eventually a street dance was improvised to go along with the song. The dance was a figure of farandole which was an ancient chain dance of France. The Carmagnole was mostly sung and danced as entertainment among a group …show more content…

More specifically, in chapter 19 the book focuses on the main events of the 18th century. Understanding the history of the 18th century is best understood by looking towards Paris because that is where the center of France moved back to after King Louis XIV died in the year of 1715. King Louis's nephew, the Duke of Orleans, reigned as king after he died and the first thing he did as king was move the court and government from Versailles to the Palais-Royal in Paris. The beautiful buildings of Paris, such as the Louvre and the king`s palace, marked the 18th century showing the advanced architecture used throughout the city. Moving on through this chapter, the Age of Enlightenment is touched on, showing its role in the century. Many men of the time believed that their age was enlightened by reason, going to salons to hold activists and revolutionaries. The aristocrats, a privileged noble class, were also a large part of the history of Paris. After leaving Versailles, they immediately built or restored their palaces lost with King Louis`s rule. Together this book and the specific chapter mentioned related the history of Paris in the 18th century and told what made the century so …show more content…

The author offered many historical facts and details, presented in an interesting way to read. The writing style used by the author also stayed formal throughout the whole chapter and described the events of Paris in a well-organized manner. The information itself was greatly detailed and offered facts that lined up with other sources, proving its authenticity. Consequently, this book showed a great quality of information that showed the overall reliability of the

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