Literary Criticism Of Tartuffe

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Kaylyn Dailey World Literature II Dr. Brasher 18 October 2017 Tartuffe ` Tartuffe is a story written in the enlightenment period. It’s about a religious hypocrite named Tartuffe. Jean-Baptiste Moliere he was one of the great writers on the enlightenment period. Author Calandra said “Moliere was a master of the neoclassical comedy. He possessed a wide knowledge of the society in which he lived” (Calandra 8). When he wrote Tartuffe he applied his sense of society to the play and it is shown threw reasoning by the characters. Orgon felt pity for him so he decided to let Tartuffe stay in his house. Yet, the moment he moved in everyone saw right threw him, everyone except Orgon. He thought Tartuffe was a righteous holy man. The family …show more content…

He gave permission for Tartuffe to spend as much time with his wife as he would like. In the end Elmire comes up with another plan to reveal Tartuffe’s true self to Orgon. She tells Orgon to hide under a table and eavesdrop on their conversation. He agrees to do so. Elmire admits to Tartuffe that she has the same feelings for him. Tartuffe wants proof of this so he wants her to sleep with him and she agrees but tells him to check the hallway to make sure Orgon is gone. When he walks out to do so Orgon appears from under the table and admits he being fooled. He is furious that he has been betrayed by a so called holy man. Tartuffe returns and Orgon bands him from his home but he has the deed to the house. Tartuffe then goes to the king to try and get them out of the house but the king sees right threw him. Orgon takes the issue the king who the arrests Tartuffe and settle the issue. The enlightenment took place in Europe in the 18th century. It was a time of reason and science. During this period everything was redone from science to politics and also philosophy. There was also clashes between the church and society because of the change that was taking place. Great philosophers came out of this time period such as Rousseau. The ideas of the 18th century would influence how people thought and wrote. James Delaney said “a major influence on social, moral, and political life at the time was the church.” (Delaney). This quote relates to the time

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