Carnivores: Questions And Answers

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Questions 1. From your food web, list the herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores. Producers -Tree -Grass/Plant -Berries -Roots -Nuts/Seeds Herbivores -Grass Hopper -Worm -Rabbit -Chipmunk -Deer Omnivores -Bear -Mouse -Meadow Lark -Wood Pecker Carnivores -Wolf -Fox -Snake -Owl 2. How many food chains did you produce? I have 46 food chains in my food web. Where the top carnivore connects to the decomposer (Wolf-Worm) was not counted because it is an infinite loop. 3. Write down three different food chains from your food web. Sun - Seeds/Nuts - Rabbit - Fox - Wolf Sun - Grass/Plants - Grasshopper - Meadow Lark - Snake - Fox Sun - Berries - Chipmunk - Fox - Wolf 4. Describe where the decomposers would fit into this food web? Decomposers are …show more content…

Which organisms (producers, herbivores, carnivores, or omnivore) would be the least numerous in this food web? Explain Carnivores would be least numerous because it gets the least energy. This is because the carnivore get the producers energy indirectly. There cannot be a large number of carnivore without a lot of competition for food. 7. What would happen to your food web community if: A)All of the producers died? Explain. If producers were to die there would be no way for animals to get the energy they need to survive. Producers are vital for all organisms. If producers were to die, soon all organisms would become extinct because of the fight for food, and lack of energy B)The herbivores died? Explain. If the herbivores were to die, the producers would start to over populate. The omnivores would still be a source of how to get energy for the carnivores. The some omnivores might even adapt to become the ecosystems new herbivores. C) The decomposers vanished? Explain. If the decomposers vanished waste and remains of dead organisms would start to pile up. The nutrients that are in the waste and dead organisms would not be renewed back into the ecosystem. Therefore the producers would not have enough nutrients since decomposers were not there to make new

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