Carpe Diem In To His Coy Mistress By Andrew Marvell

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The poem To His Coy Mistress by Andrew Marvell, speaks to his coy mistress about how time is rapidly passing and he wishes her to reciprocate his feelings along with sexual desires. In this poem I feel like Marvell is also talking to the reader and encouraging them to act upon their desires. Ultimately live life to the fullest because time is running out. This poem is all about Carpe Diem with a satirical aspect on love. Essentially Marvell is trying to get this mistress to sleep with him. He wants her to abandon her false modesty and give in to his requests, so that all his problems can be fixed with sex. In lines 1-20 Marvell starts out talking about how ideally, he would spend eternity loving her before having sex with her. Verbs like sit, think, and walk are associated with slowing down but they are used to show they have no time, “We would sit down, and think which way to walk, and pass our long love’s day.”(Marvell, “To His Coy Mistress,” 3-4) So, he would love her, but they don’t have time. There is an aspect of exaggeration via exoticism seen in Ganges vs Humbler. She is by the Ganges with rubies while he is by the Humbler complaining. I think this really hints at the reality of what he is trying to get at because “rubies” represent talismans that are supposed to preserve virginity (Mays, pg 765, footnote 7). There is a controlling aspect of the speaker where he then again states he would wait if there was the time. Throughout the stanza the passion grows and he

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