Case Analysis For Bridgestone

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11.2 My Suggestions for Bridgestone: after global hydraulic hoses analysis to improve its market positions and growth, highly suggest that Bridgestone choose a niche market such as Europe with high economic growth potential for the hydraulic hoses in countries, regions to fuel the demand for different machinery sectors, agricultural machinery sector in particular, we recommended having corporation business with target company Liebherr who produce different machinery and other hydraulic products but not hydraulic hoses, with strong market position in the region and high exception of growth in the future. 12. LIEBHERR LIEBHERR Corporation is a German Company, founded in 1949 by Hans Liebherr, focusing its Producing in Construction and agriculture …show more content…

Also enhance Bridgestone leadership power in that market. Moreover, increase Bridgestone product offering and awareness of the brand and the brand value to the end customers. As result, Hydraulic hoses sales will increase. The benefit for the target company “Liebherr” is creating a new market value for it self and low production cost for its machinery and increase or improve sales in the Far East market as revenues remained below expectations from previous year. Also enhance Liebherr market Leadership power in the market as …show more content…

Earning per share(EPS) will increase by 1.1% and that show a strong fundamental in the short term perspective and higher profitability. The price earning ratio (P/E ration) is decreasing by 1%, which make the stock attractive regarding the earrings, multiple” (4-trade, 2017). (Figure 5) The projection for sales revenues for the diversified products for Bridgestone from 2017 to 2019 showed a positive number increasing in the sales profit by 1% however from 2018 the projection estimate that the sales will show a negative number a decrees in sales revenues by 1%, however the decreases continue as well after 2019 which mean profitability for the company is

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