Case Analysis : Ronan Ascari

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• Ronan Ascari was interested to know if BF is at all affiliated with the Best Friends Pet Store chain in Australia. I explained that we are not affiliated with any other businesses or organizations. • Wade Christy reached to us because his Lab passed away and he is interested in adopting another Lab. He wanted to know if we might be able to provide him with information where he might find a dog in his area. I sent the list of all of the NMHP partners in Washington. I also provided him with and there is not a partner in his city. • Bobbie Jo Carling is interested in volunteering, but her daughter has more of an interest in farm animals. She wanted to know if we might have other animals besides dogs and cats. I sent her all of our visiting/volunteer information and let her know that we do have other animal care areas that might of interest to her. • Kristin Gratitude wanted to know if we could help her find a job working with animals in her area. I explained that Best Friends does not keep records with regards to employment opportunities at other sanctuaries, rescues, etc. I recommended she want to try searching Google or employment websites to find organizations in her area offering employment opportunities. • Tami Lynn wanted to know if we have a local chapter or any events planned for Florida. I looked at the events page and did not find anything listed, however, I did send her a list of our NMHP partners since we are not located in FL.

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