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Opening paragraph (optional); Current state of the enterprise description; Wonderland Laboratories is driven to discover and deliver diagnostic insights that help improve human health. Wonderland is currently based in northern California. It is California’s leading provider of single molecule counting (SMC) technology for clinical diagnostics. Wonderland 's patented SMC technology allows physicians to detect biomarkers of disease that were previously undetectable. With the help of SMC technology, Wonderland 's laboratory testing services are transforming reactionary patient treatment to proactive health management. The ultra-sensitive immunoassay technology powered by SMC enhances the clinical value of biomarkers associated with cardiovascular disease. The laboratory performs medical tests that exist to help with disease diagnosis, disease progression/recovery, as well as disease-free confirmation. Better results support better patient care. Wonderland Laboratory’s advanced clinical laboratory tests are used to assess a patient’s health risks, providing earlier detection and monitoring of disease over time. For example, a physician can determine a patient’s heart disease risk prior to the occurrence of an event, such as a heart attack. The comprehensive test reports help physicians effectively manage chronic disease and monitor disease progression—so treatment is customized to patient’s risks and needs. Additional tests in other chronic disease areas are currently

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