Clinical Laboratory Science Personal Statement

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After discovering my passion for science and math, I pursue a career in Clinical Laboratory Science with enthusiasm. My desire to study this subject originates from the exciting and rapidly-moving subject area that is highly relevant to major issues facing society today. Clinical Laboratory Scientists play a crucial role in the healthcare field; in detection, diagnosis and treatment of disease in patients. My goal is to be involved in the latest advances in medical research and to constantly be expanding my knowledge about my field. On top of this goal, Clinical Laboratory Science remains a challenging, rewarding and inspiring topic that will motivate and shape my career for my entire life.
For as long as I can remember math and science classes fascinated me to no end. Once I started wielding science as a tool to understand life, a whole new world opened up. There is nothing more satisfying
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Medicine and research changing frequently, which leads to the opportunity to become a lifelong learner in my potential career. I enjoys studying technical processes and information and will never tire of learning new things; for me, academia and facing a field that relies so heavily on research will never fail to evoke curiosity and enthusiasm. To me, the most challenging subjects have always been the most interesting ones, and I strive to conquer and succeed with these subjects. The laboratory industry, with its constantly evolving technology and methods, will always be changing and I am equipped with the desire and skill to excel in such a rapid environment. While taking Introduction to Clinical Laboratory Science class we explored all the vast options for a clinical lab major, and in all of the different applications I see nothing but opportunities. With a Clinical Lab major, there is a world of
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