Case Of : Ellen Hughes Finnerty V. Board Of Registered Nursing

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Case of: Ellen Hughes Finnerty v. Board of Registered Nursing Introduction to Case According to FindLaw (2008), Ellen H. Finnerty, a registered nurse is requesting the Board of Nursing in Texas to set aside the judgment where she was disciplined for gross negligence and incompetence. The board’s decision came after an incident where Finnerty chose not to comply with a physician’s order to intubate a patient before said patient was transferred to the ICU. In August 2002, Finnerty was working at Huntington Memorial Hospital as a charge nurse. A nurse (A. Magi) that was caring for patient(J.C.) begin to display symptoms of respiratory distress, such as rapid and labored respirations of 40 and an oxygen saturation of only 70%. With the assistance of a respiratory therapist, the patient was suctioned and Nurse Magi received orders from the primary care physician for 100% oxygen via a nonrebreather mask with the oxygen saturation to be maintained above 94%, several different blood test, for the administration of a diuretic. After the orders were performed and the patient was continually monitored, there were no changes to the respiratory rate. Another call was placed to the PCP, there was an order given for the patient to be transferred to the ICU and stat intubation. These orders were relayed to Finnerty, who then assessed the patient, but did not disclose her findings with the medical staff. Lab results indicated that insuffient blood oxygenation and acidosis. The

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