Case Studies on Wrongful Termination Essay

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The first article is about a wrongful termination case that occurred in 2008. This case involved and full-service contractor name Paul Blakeslee that worked for a company called; Shaw Environmental and Infrastructure. Blakeslee was overseeing over 40 representatives dealing with a $100+ million agreement to uphold offices at Fort Richardson and Fort Wainwright in Alaska. When Blakeslee discovered that Shaw's Alaska venture supervisor claimed a third of an alternate privately owned business that was renting about $2 million in gear to Shaw, often without accepting any bids from competitors, he chose to write Shaw’s CEO a letter reporting the activity. “According to the lawsuit, Blakeslee said the project manager found out about the planned …show more content…

In an interview that Blakeslee gave he stated that because of his age, he didn’t think he would see a dime of the money, but thought that his children benefit from the reward. Here’s the statement Blakeslee gave to Anchorage Daily News: “I most likely won't get everything, however I've got four children. What's more I'm 76 and my wife is 81. There's insufficient time left for me to use it, Blakeslee said. Philanthropy, my children, you know. I'm not intrigued by cash, I was recently intrigued by vindication. I wouldn't have minded in the event that I got a dollar. It wouldn't have had any effect to me.”
I defiantly agree with the verdict, because I don’t think it was right for the project manager to fire Blakeslee for reporting wrongdoing. It doesn’t matter who was doing wrong, it’s was Blakeslee responsibility to report it. Now, should the company be responsible and pay for what the project manager did. Yes, the project manager is acting as an agent for the company, so anything he does on the job the company can and should be held liable.

This next case is about a police officer that was fired, but it was eventually overturned by an arbitrator. The police officer then sued the town for Civil Rights violation and wrongful termination. “Police Detective Kimberly Brothers' suit was filed Jan. 17 in federal court in Worcester, naming the town of Millbury, Board of Selectmen Chairman E. Bernard Plante, Special Lt. Richard F. Bates and

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