The Case Of Discrimination Or Non Performance Essay

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The case study, Is this a case of discrimination or non-performance, the author discuss the issue between Dr. George Annan, newly hired the assistant professor and Dr. Mary Reed, the department head for the Applied technology and management at Northern Plain University. Dr. Mary Reed was offered a position as the department head in August 2003. She accepted the new position and was excited to run the department. Within two years, she had a great experience working as a head of the department; however, her job got difficult when she encounters issues with African employee. Dr. George Annan was hired in August 2003 as the assistant professor in the Construction Management Program. He was the only African male professor among three White professors. Issues arise when Dr. Mary Reed observes Professor Annan’s teaching styles and other demands which seem to be problematic. However, Dr. Reed did not provide enough information to the professor Annan which makes him think that he is being discriminated. This is a case of non- performance; however, the manager took some poor steps which lead to the issues. As a manager, it is Dr. Reed’s responsibility to make sure that the employees know the policies, and are well-trained to perform better. According to the article, Reed made the comments after she observed professor Annan’s 300 level classroom. She said that students were bored and were not paying attention. She also said that professor Annan does not have any control of the

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