Case Study: Alcohol Dependence

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Alcohol Addiction and Mental Health
Mental Health Nursing
Professor M. McCutch MSN, RN
December 8, 2012

A.G., a 53 year old African American male was admitted for Alcohol Dependence. His Axis I diagnosis was Alcohol Dependence and Alcohol Induced Mood Disorder with Depression. A.G. was admitted to the Mentally Ill and Chemically Addicted (MICA) Unit of Bergen Regional Medical Center on November 20. Upon admission his alcohol level was .278. The legal level in New Jersey is .08. ( He stated that he was practically unconscious when he was brought to the ER. He had suicidal ideations and was consequently admitted. Four days later the patient was calm and it was almost impossible to imagine him as the character
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Specific examples of alcohol-abuse effects on the body include poor coordination, thiamine deficiency, hypertension and irregular heartbeat, reproductive problems like impotence and irregular menses. The main complications often result in gastrointestinal problems, such as cirrhosis of the liver and pancreatitis. Alcohol-abuse effects on the brain include, but are not limited to, strokes, confusion, and amnesia. Alcohol dependence can also bring on mood disorders accompanied by depression. Alcohol induced mood disorders are usually characterized by a depressed mood and lack of interest in normal activities, as well as the client having and extremely irritable mood. This may develop after heavy drinking and symptoms may occur during episodes of alcohol intoxication or withdrawal. Approximately 10%-15% of people with alcoholism tend to commit suicide. The client, A.G., also has a left prosthesis below the knee which he credits to the alcoholism. When he was about 35 years of age he became so intoxicated one night that he was struck by a car. He is not even sure how the accident occurred but he ended up in a coma for two days and lost his left leg right below the knee. His Axis III diagnosis is pain above the knee. He was taken to Kessler to have his prostheses adjusted which improved the knee pain. The client stated that he then experienced a sober 7 year period. All was going well until he was faced with stressors that
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