Case Study Applying the Model of Human Occupation Essay

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The Model of Human Occupation
The Model of Human Occupation is an occupation-focused theoretical model that is categorized into concepts that examine the person’s volition, habituation, and performance capacity when participating in an occupation (Forsyth et al, 2014, p. 506). By applying MOHO to my community partner Sunshine, the dynamics of how his personal factors and environmental factors influence his overall occupational participation are analyzed.
According to Forsyth et al. (2014), Volition is defined as the motivation an individual has to participate in an occupation. It essentially helps the individual choose occupations to engage in. Volition is categorized into three subcategories that reflect the person’s …show more content…

His caretaker is with him from Monday through Friday. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday he works at a disability center, and he volunteers at a local skating ring. Every Wednesday he completes many of his IADL’s, such as grocery shopping and paying his bills. Tuesdays and Thursdays are his days to engage in leisure activities. He enjoys going to the park and going out to eat. The weekend is dedicated to family bonding and soccer. He spends the entire weekend with his family, and every Saturday he either has a soccer game or practice. A major habit that supports his participation his daily occupations is his automatic response of grabbing the wheelchair controller. This has perfected his ability to maneuver the wheelchair without it hindering his navigation. His occupational roles of being a son, special team’s athlete and teammate, volunteer, and employee help promote independent engagement in occupations.
Performance Capacity
Performance capacity is the final aspect of MOHO that is directly related to the person. It is determined by the physical and mental abilities needed to complete an occupation (Forsyth et al., 2014). There are many aspects that impede Sunshine’s performance ability. The inability to physically walk and use his lower extremities is his greatest impairment. Since his schedule is always full, he is usually tired by end of the day. Thus, his endurance to complete some activities towards end of

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