Case Study : Child Development Of East Tennessee State University

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Case Study – Preschool
Ehichoya Edokhamhen
ECED 5210 – Advanced Child Development
East Tennessee State University

Introduction This child observation was carried out at the ETSU Child Study Center, after an appropriate permission was taken. I arrived at the Child Study Center at about 7:50am on Friday November 13, 2015, and I was taken to the Cricket Preschool classroom for my child observation. When I got there, there was only one child present at the class, and when I asked the teacher if he was the only student in the class, she said the rest students were yet to come. So I began my observation of the child. For the purpose of this observation, I am going to call this child Dave. Dave is a four (4) year old preschooler, who seems to be a little bit calm but playful. The classroom is a very spacious room with various toys, furniture, books and other facilities that makes it ideal for a preschooler’s classroom. When I entered the classroom, Dave looked at me, and didn’t seem to care about my presence, as he continued with his play. Since he was the only student in the classroom, he was playing alone on a wooden table and was just preoccupied with his play.
Physical development
Children of preschool age experience steady growth rate, but at this stage of development, the child’s rate of growth slows down rapidly as compared to the accelerated growth rate experienced during infancy and toddler stages. The preschools years are a time marked with slow but…
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