Case Study : Copyright And Intellectual Property Consideration

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Introduction: After I read three interesting cases, I have decided to select case study 3 – Copyright and intellectual property consideration as my chosen for assignment 1. The background of this case study 3 is: Isabelle is a quite good programmer in developing software, who is working in a small company, and her manager is Phillip. Recently, Isabelle develops a new user interface for remote aboriginal communities, and the new system wins a great success. Isabelle’s host company rewarded her, but for others’ people who are not working in this company, Phillip takes all of the credit for this system’s success instead of Isabelle. There are two main reasons for me to choose this case: The case is likely to encounter in my work Copyright and intellectual property issue is important for me, and I want to learn it. In this assignment, I will list some ACS code of Ethics to analyse this case and also use some Australia legislation to support my view. For this assignment, I will use MacDonald’s framework to analyse the case of Isabelle. The guide of moral decision-making wrote by Chris MacDonald is very simple and easy to understand. Body: For my understanding of ethics is “to do the right thing’, but sometimes the definition of the “right thing” is not quite clear for everyone. But for us, we can use ACS code of ethics to help us to find some clues. According to the case we can see that Phillip did not adhere to Honesty Honesty here means be honesty to your
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