Case Study: Mackenzie

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Overall this quarter, Mackenzie presented anxious, hyper aroused, focused on future outcomes and persistently focused on transitioning to a different program.

This quarter, Mackenzie identified at least 1 positive interaction with staff or peers each week. She had difficulty identifying more than 1, despite this writer’s guidance and feedback of milieu reports suggesting she has engaged in positive interactions. Mackenzie was more so focused on the poor behaviors that warranted consequences. Mackenzie has been able to identify times of struggling to express her emotions, more so specifically when presenting hyper aroused than low energy. She shows insight into this, but has poor use of coping strategies. When anxious Mackenzie often when she feels out of control, unsure of her future outcomes or after a phone call with parents. …show more content…

Although, she was more verbally fluid in sessions. Mackenzie has verbalized she does not consistently utilize her preferred coping strategies during times she presents with high energy. Most recent, she has been receptive in exploring new coping strategies. She declined to participate in tracking her anxiety independent of this writer. Therefore, Mackenzie was asked to verbalize and identify her level of emotional state in sessions. As a result it observed Mackenzie anxiety was often a general sense of anxious without precipitating factors.

Mackenzie identified she is a crafty and loyal individual. Mackenzie obtained employment reported strong motivation to obtain an off-grounds job. She has been able to discuss family dynamics, provide historical information, and has a recovery orientation to remain sober of all

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