Case Study: Mr. Kirknsey

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On 07/07/17, at 3:20pm, I Deputy Warden N. Christian was requested to the lobby of Franklin County Animal Care and Control (FCACC) on an injury-possible dangerous or vicious dog. I arrived in the lobby and met dog owner Jackie Kirksey. I asked Ms. Kirksey what transpired; she stated that she and her daughter just adopted a Mastiff Mix name Willie from FCACC today. Ms. Kirksey took the Willie home where she introduced him to her son and next door neighbor without incident. Ms. Kirksey husband Ken Kirksey came home. As he entered the kitchen area where the Willie was sitting, Mr. Kirksey pet Willie on his head without incident, as Mr. Kirksey moved away Willie lunged at him biting him on his left index finger. Mr. and Ms. Kirksey went to
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