Case Study : New Hope Housing

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Chapter 7 Case 7.1 Q1
New Hope Housing likely had strengths related to their employee development program, their effectiveness in housing people in need, and their niche for ensuring individuals who would typically be rejected housing. Some of their weaknesses likely related to their secured funding and current dependence on government funding. Some of their opportunities relate to finding solutions for permanent housing, as this is currently a struggle for the people they serve. Lastly, their threats likely also have to do with their government funding. As budgets change, money is moved around and can impact this organization for the better or for the worse.
Chapter 7 Case 7.1 Q2
Some of the strategic issues I saw related to the …show more content…

Some of the things that appear to be new focuses are individuals with imminent risk of homelessness. This strategic plan was from 2011 right when the economic downturn was occurring and people were losing their jobs and homes.
Chapter 7 Case 7.1 Q5
New Hope Housing addresses several areas of the McKinsey framework for capacity. Specially, strategy, staff and leadership, funding, and advocacy are addressed within their plan. Although it is interesting, the infrastructure was not thoroughly discussed within their plan, that would need evaluated to address the additional programs and initiatives they seek to accomplish.

Chapter 7 Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy – Michael Porter
This article was really interesting as it discussed a matrix developed for creating strategies by a professor at Harvard. Michael Porter the creator, discussed the notion of how powerful this tool is because companies or organizations look at competition too narrowly. The five competitive forces include:
1. Threat of substitutes
2. Bargaining power of customers
3. Bargaining power of suppliers
4. Industry rivalry
Industries will look different with all of these forces. The strategy will change based on how these forces look for the organization and industry. These concepts can be applied across the board, and they help organizations from getting trapped into the latest trends and technology out there selling solutions. This matrix really helps to

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