Case Study Of Bega Cheese

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This research highlighted the internal and external factors that affect the share price in general and the certain factors that affected the share price of the case organization in specific. The case organization’s share price had showed a consistent improvement since the company had gone public in 2011 and many factors had effected the company’s share price both positively and negatively. The aim of the study is too show how profitability and consistent dividend payout had played a major role in improving the company’s share price on one hand, and to study the effect of commodity price volatility and acquisitions reflect on the company financial performance and the share price on the other hand.
Since the research is focusing on a contemporary event, which are the financial performance and the business agreement Bega Cheese had signed lately, therefore case study research was chosen as a methodology for this research. Case study research responses to the questions of how and why the research is conducted. For this research, the two questions that will primarily answered are how internal and external factors are affecting the share prices and why these factors have an effect on the share price. The research aimed to measure the …show more content…

After a low record of P/E ratio of 11.2% in Y2014, we can saw the ratio was high in Y2015 since the stock price dropped to $4.54 at the end of financial year. Earnings per share jumped around $10 in Y2016 while the share price went up as well to reach $6.19. This generated a lower ratio than the previous year. The ratio dropped again in Y2017 with extreme earnings per share level that reached $90.9 and a stock price of $6.16. The ratio reached as low as 7,17% in by the end of Y2017. That means that investors are willing to pay $7.17 for every dollar of earning per share that Bega Cheese Ltd

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