Case Study Of Ducati

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Answer for No. 3:
In my opinion, as the main market of the company, Ducati is in Italy, hence it might be adventurous if they are focusing its business strategy on electronic commerce. This is because the rate of internet penetration in Italy is the lowest in Western Europe, where only 9% of the 57 million population who are using the internet in June 1999. This might become a risk to the company as if Ducati is fully focusing on electronic commerce, there is a high probability that their target customer might fall into the range of 91% of 57 million population who are not using the internet, hence the sales of the company might drop as the existing or potential customer is less likely to use to internet and visit to the Ducati website to view their product. In addition, the information, any benefit or marketing promotion which announce through the internet will be hard to attract and receive by the potential customer. Moreover, as there will be a huge cost incur in the investment of the new online venture by the company …show more content…

Additionally, Ducati may consider the 6 Is on their internet site, where the 6 Is includes interactivity, intelligence, intellectual, integration, independence of location and lastly industry restructuring.
Interactivity involves the viewer of the website to choose and select the product that they might interest on, changing the color or the model of motorcycles which sell on the websites and make the purchase. The viewer may compare the model of motorcycles from one to another and place into their cart or wish list until they were happy with the result. Ducati may provide this type of interaction on their website so that the customer will be satisfied with the

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