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Mikes Bikes Marketing Plan Date: 1/ 9/ 2010 Course name: Interpret Marketing Trends Teacher name: David Chemke Company name: M3pBikes Students name: Maxim El Haddad Manisha Singh Patricia Carvalho Peter Ilko Priyanka Israt Jahan Executive summary: M3p bikes corporation is a bicycle manufacturing company that provides products and services to the local community of Sydney NSW. Our production plant manufactures a variety of bicycles which we sell to customers through a variety of retailers & wholesalers including bike shops, sport shops &…show more content…
Customers are having high income and want from a particular bike to suit their individual needs. Market is separated into the three sections. The low cost Youth Bike, mid-range Mountain Bike and the high end Road bikes. Due to the very competitive market, government is regulating and prohibiting competition from other countries. Only local manufactures are able to produce, at the beginning just Mountain Bike segment, later on the rest two also. Consumers are not limited to a single market, many of them will be purchasing multiple bikes, but all of them have specific preferences. Successful company will meet customer’s needs and maximize sales by growing the potential market size as well as taking sales from competitors. Every segment has different expectations most important things are design or style and technical specification. All products are sensitive because of life cycle and therefore needs to be modified through the years. Demand for the product is determined by many factors, like pricing, quality, advertising and distribution. Consumers are able to choose to buy from three categories of retailers. Bike shops, sports stores and discount stores. Proportion is different for every bike. Every retailer is different with some specifications. Everything has to be combine, all the customers, retailers but also

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