Case Study Of Murray State University

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Saudi Arabia Graduate students choose courses at Murray State University which are same as their undergraduate degree, some of the respondents admitted in the closest alternative of their courses. The students’ enrollment period at MSU varies from eight months to twenty months. The factors which influence students for choosing university are an availability of courses and affordability, 70% population of graduate students choose the university on the recommendation of a friend. Female students choose the university due to the reputation of town and the presence of their own country community. Approximately, 90% students choose the US for higher education for its education system and diversity, and crave to learn about other culture and …show more content…

The classrooms back home are very different than United State it takes time for students to adapt classroom culture here. A female respondent said in her country they have a unisex schooling system when she started her master here it was very different for her to interact and present in class. Women in Arab culture doesn't interact with men and hesitant of public speaking some of my professor doesn't know about the cultural difference. She said, "We try our best to adapt a new classroom culture, but professor should have known about the cultural difference before teaching a diverse group of students." Furthermore, professors allocate few points to class participation and in first two semesters, few of female student couldn’t get those points for the reason that they were in process of adopting new classroom setting, and it took them time to start participating in class.
Factors Influence to choose Murray State University
In the section of Murray State University ranking of individual's course, location and campus community were major factors. ‘Education system in my country is not very advanced and diverse, getting a foreign degree, 70% increase the chances of better opportunities' a respondent said. 80% students believe it is very different and rewarding experience to graduate from an aboard university. Factors influence a student to receive a degree from abroad are learning about the new culture, better education system, personality development,

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