Case Study Of Sherman St. '

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Thursday, April 13, 2017 at 18:27 I was dispatched to a call of an assault not in progress. I arrived on scene at 1921 Sherman St. I met the RP Jennifer Naylon near her truck as requested. I observed Jennifer had a light blue bruise under her right cheek. I took pictures of the bruise.
Jennifer said that a man by the name of Joe Thomas, who was identified as Joseph R. THOMPSON, had assaulted her in the parking lot last night at around 21:30 hours.
Jennifer said that she had fired her care giver Tracie Schuler a week earlier because her medication had been disappearing. She decided to cut ties with Shauna Schuler and her boyfriend Joseph Thompson as well.
Jennifer said she told Tracie, and Shauna that she did not want anything to do with …show more content…

Jennifer went on to tell me that she saw Joe the next day (April 13, 2017) lurking around in the parking lot of the apartment complex about 23:00 in the evening, so she went over to him and demanded he give her things back. She said at least her keys. Joe just yelled expletives at her and started to walk off. Jennifer said she told Joe that she would call the police if he did not give her keys and wallet back. She said he turned and walked over to her and said “You don’t have the balls to call the police on me.” She said “I’m going to do it now” and that is when he punched her with a closed fist, in the right side of her face.
Jennifer said she was so shocked she was struck, she hoped he wasn't going to beat her up more. Jennifer said she went back to her apartment and put a dresser against the door. jennifer told me she had her Washington State driver’s license, her and her son’s Social Security cards, her and her sons Department of Defense ID cards, as well as her EBT card and Direct Express debit card. There was $300.00 in US currency as well. The keys went to her truck, apartment and utility room.
I advised her to cancel the her cards and report the others lost or stolen.
Officer Moore and I went to Joe’s girlfriend apartment Shauna Schuler and knocked on the door to see if Joe was there to interview him. I knocked on the door and no one would answer, or come to the

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