Analysis Of Mattress Buyers: Tempurpedic Vs. Sleep Number

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Tempurpedic Vs Sleep Number—the Complete Guide for 2017 Mattress Buyers


Tempurpedic and Sleep Number are the two most popular mattress brands on market currently. These brands bear significant differences, yet they usually compete for the same consumers.

Tempurpedic mattresses apply memory foam for comfort as well as foam or springs for support. Sleep Number mattresses on the other hand utilize mainly foam for comfort and air for support. Sleep Numbers also allow you to adjust firmness and support by adding or removing air from the mattress with an electric pump. Furthermore, each side of a Sleep Number mattress has its own setting.

If you are shopping and hence can’t seem to decide between a Tempurpedic mattress and Sleep …show more content…

These include model options, conforming ability and perceived quality of these mattresses.

• Model Options

Model variety is an important consideration for the buyer since it allows you to obtain a mattress that perfectly suits your needs. This is something that only a few brands like Tempurpedic will take into account.

Tempurpedic offers more options when it comes to mattress models, allowing you to find a mattress that perfectly suits you, especially if you have specific needs. This brand has rolled out 15 mattress models for buyers to choose from.
• Conforming Ability

The comfort of a mattress is another important consideration when it comes to buying a good mattress. Nevertheless, one of the things that play a critical role when it comes to mattress comfort is the conforming capability of a mattress.

A mattress with good conforming ability will mold as well as contour to the curves of your body well, resulting in well-distributed support and minimal pressure points.

While both the Tempurpedic mattresses and Sleep Number mattresses perform above average in this area, but Tempurpedics usually perform much

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