Case Study Of The Iraq War

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Case study of the Iraq war:

In this essay, I will discuss how the invasion of Iraq helped create a power vacuum in Iraq, and what the consequences of this power vacuum were. In order to answer this one needs to understand what power and a power vacuum is. Power is defined as one actor’s ability to influence other actors, and a power vacuum is when the previous government have lost control over a state and there is no central power or authority to replace them (Power (international relations), 2017). Thus, militia or insurgents will often rush in to take control over the state (Power vacuum, n.d). This essay will mostly focus on the invasion of Iraq, and briefly explained the invasion of Iraq was the invasion that began the Iraq War and it lasted from 20 March to 1 May 2003 (Torreon, 2017). Armed forces of the United States, the …show more content…

It is widely accepted that the invasion of Iraq created a pathway for the creation of ISIS. There is no record of ISIS being in Iraq before the invasion. The group known today as ISIS was born out of the anger that came with the invasion of Iraq, and it was a part of the coalition of Sunni resistance groups against the occupying forces who promoted the Shia Muslims to positions of power. The group had many name changes over the years before ending up on the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Hussain. D, 2015). From a realist’s perspective ISIS is a non-state actor and realism does not say much about non-state actors. However, ISIS is attacking states and therefore threatening the states’ security, and this along with survival are important terms in realism. While realism can explain the creation of the power vacuum in Iraq it does not tell one anything about the actual causes of terrorism and the creation of terror groups (Kreisler. H, 2002). This is one of the challenges realists are facing today with the increase of terrorism in the

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