Case Study Of Vanilla Rum Apple Butter

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1. Product
The product that I have chosen for this project is a food product, Vanilla Rum Apple Butter. Apple butter is made pretty much like apple sauce except you add spices or flavorings to it and slow cook it for multiple hours. Slow cooking apple butter for multiple hours will result in it becoming thick and spreadable. The Vanilla Rum Apple Butter would mainly be sold online and at local farmers market. My target market could potentially be a wide range of food consumers. The one target consumer would be anyone who likes apple butter and who is wanting to change it up a little bit from your average apple butter. Then you have your apple lovers, your rum drinkers and anyone who likes the flavor vanilla. You also have your morning toast eaters due to most people who consume this product would eat it …show more content…

~Large stockpot pot is used to cook down the apples with the apple cider for thirty minutes.
• Large slow cooker - can cost about $50.
~ Large crockpot is used to slow cook the apple butter in for eight hours.
• Immersion blender - can cost anywhere from $10 or more.
~ An immersion blender is used to make the apple butter a uniform texture.
• Canning set: includes the water bath canner, the rack for the jars, a bubble remover, jar lifter, magnetic lid lifter, a jar wrench and a jar funnel – cost at Target is $35.
~The canning set is used to process the product in the mason jars to preserve the product.
• Liquid measuring cup, measuring cups and measuring spoons – cost at dollar store is a $1 each.
~ The liquid measuring cup, measuring cups, and measuring spoons will be used to measure out the ingredients.
• Wooden spoon – cost at dollar store is a $1.
~ Wooden spoon will be used to stir the product during the whole process.
The business will incur other expenses while it produces Vanilla Rum Apple Butter. Other expenses that will be incurred will be rent, insurance, and advertisement

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