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Fossil- Headquarters Background Fossil Group, Inc. was found in 1984 by a suggestion from founder Tom Kartsotis’ brother. Fossil specializes in watches at all different price points, which are sold all over the world. The company is still expanding by acquiring other brands in multimillion dollar deals. Fossil is now headquartered in Richardson, Texas. Out visit was on September 15, 2017. Highlights The trip began with presentations that showed all of Fossil’s brands and the customer experiences that parallel with the brand. Fossil’s history and inspiration was spoken about with great respect, they pride themselves by pulling unique styles from the 1950’s. The original mission for the brand was to get people attainable, fashionable watches. The company did such that and began expanding, including a massive liscensing deal with Armani in 1997. Modern day Fossil has company values that reflect their past but respect the future: authenticity, grit, curiosity, humor, impactful. As far as career opportunities go, Fossil has several branches of work available. Employees in product development explained their line of work which involves on designing, improving, innovating, 12 to 14 months in advance. Fossil employees from all different …show more content…

Most of the employees agreed that Excel is something that is main component of their work and mastery is essential. A few employees also stressed the importance of understanding retail math, a class they took but not didn’t take seriously during college. Getting real experience as an intern was frequently mentioned. Being in the workplace, hand on experiencing the job is best way to gain experience AND grow as an employee. They mentioned Fossil’s upcoming internship program that occurs during Spring 2018. They also their shared their past work and internship experiences that helped them get into their current

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