Case Study On Hostile Work Environment

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3.12) Hostile Work Environment is where work place becomes intimidating, hostile or offensive to considerable people working at the same place. In the given case, the staff members were subjected to hostile work environment where there were forced to view pornographic material which is seen offensive by most of the staff members. Hostile work environment is not created by the supervisor or co-worker, but the non-workers or users of library or public in this case. Here, Unlawful harassment is not seen as physical but having psychological effect on the staff. They should have freedom to work in an environment which is better than the one they are serving.
Freedom of Speech Act of United States at work places doesn’t provides workers with rights such as, Employees can use speech or expression to strike back against their Supervisor in all sectors. In other words, if they want to keep their job, they can’t say whatever they like. The conflict here is that, according to first amendment staff must be provided the right to retaliate against the supervisor for not providing filters over Internet used in libraries.
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There were copies of books, records, duplicate products available to download and buy form online stores which are not authentic which leads to low-cost and anonymous infringement those days. Article interprets that, just like police kept duplicates out of street, Cybercrime police and FBI is going to keep shutting down the online public markets. But, the article missed an important point of what is the technology makes the market undetectable. What if the market is hosted in a different country? Just like Kickass torrents kept on alive for decades? The article forgot to mention that Internet is accessible globally and sometimes it becomes impossible to catch the ones running the unauthorized online

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