Case Study On Meraki

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Chapter 7
Marketing Plan
Value Proposition
A multifunctional bag that allows the travelers to travel with confidence and experience the look of being prestigious.
Brand Position After 3 years, Meraki will be place above Zero Gravity and below Akaba. Our price is higher than Zero Gravity but not that near to Akaba which has a price of 5400PhP. The Meraki will be position as a brand that offers a high quality of bag but not that high in price.
Marketing Mix Objectives


SATCHEL - Vintage look
- Leather made bag.
- Compartment for uniform, polo tuxedo.
- spacious main storage to store essential things
- pockets inside
- multifunctional whereas it
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We are also thinking of renting a shelf in concept store in Shoptitude ad Style Metro. These two are located at Espana near UST. Lastly, We have our Virtual place like Facebook, Instagram and own website whereas we can store our product there through posting the pictures of bags. There, they can contact us whenever they are interested to buy from us. These social media pages and websites can be used as our form of promotion also. We can post photos and videos there. We can also have our word of mouth promotion like the customer who used to buy from us to market our product whenever he is using our bag. In this case, other individuals will have the opportunity to see or to ask something about the bag. Finally, we also use the giving of flyers and posters to our primary, secondary and tertiary market for them to have an idea that the brand exists. These flyers and posters containing the brand name and logo of our company “MERAKI”. We are going to put the image of the bag that we are selling and its functions also. We will be giving the places that we have or the bazaars that we are joining with its specific date. Also, it will be seen on the flyer and poster the contact number so that they can call us for further information. It will also be seen there the social media accounts for them to visit and check our…show more content…
They use plastic bags whenever they shipped their product from them to the buyer.
4.) (Pm O.4) Competitors updates their products after long time.

-(Pm O.1)(Pm S.1) Focus mainly on the primary, secondary and tertiary market.

-(Pm O.2)(Pm S.4) Continue looking for a manufacturer who can give us a great deal like efficient service in making our product, no delays, and a trust worthy manufacturer.
-(Pm S.3)(Pm o.3) Facilitates recycling or using An eco-friendly packaging like eco bags.
-(Pm S.5) (Pm O.4) consistently check the trending in the market and the taste of the travelers seasonally for us to be able to catch up with the bag that is on to the people.

-(PM W.1)(PM O.4) Improve or develop our duffel bag (have a lock on both sides.) right away to be able it to show to the market quickly.
-(Pm W.2) (Pm O.4) Look for a designer that is licensed
-(PM W.3) (PM O.2) Look for a manufacturer who can give us short period of lead time.
1.) (Pm T.1)Larger firms are more experienced and they have a lot of raw materials inventory and the materials are not disclosed to the public.
2.) (Pm T.2)Larger firms already have oriented and trained manufacturer and designer to create their

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