Case Study: The Free Blind Siberian Tiger Cubs For Orphans

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After Mr.s Sowers has chosen his associates to venture with, he will have to file with the Federal Election Commission to form his pact. There are two different kinds of PACs: separate segregated funds and non-commissioned committees. A separate segregated funds pact is based around a group of people like an organization or labor union. The separate part of the name comes from the fact that the funds are from separate entities; this type of PAC will receive its money from the donations of individuals who choose to support our cause. On the other end, we have the nonconnected committees which are not going to be tied down with other entities and will be able to receive their funding from the public population. Since the Free Blind Siberian Tiger …show more content…

The Free Blind Siberian Tiger Cubs for Orphans works as a title since all of its components are not points of controversy and only help to rally people behind us. People do not like sad blind and orphan organisms, so they will want to send in money in that regard. The Siberian aspects makes the cubs seem foreign but not hostile. People will be more likely to associate them with groups like children in need of care in third world countries than conflicts regarding nationality like immigration and inter racial violence. Cubs and orphans are generally thought to be young; people like young cute things. Lastly, tigers are thought of as exotic and finite; people do not like to see animals being endangered. This title hits a lot of bases and can not feasibly be improved without going overboard, but The Free Fluffy Blind Albino Exotic Endangered Malnourished Infant Tiger Cubs for Starving Young Uneducated American Orphan Amputees could bring in a larger audience if not seen as too ridiculous. We will make money by buying mail listings and send out donation requests to those willing to fund our PAC. We use that money to repeat the mail listing process a few times, and eventually we will send some of our top representatives to Congress to get a bill involving our Free Fluffy Blind Albino Exotic Endangered Malnourished Infant Tiger Cubs for Starving Young Uneducated American Orphan Amputees for more publicity. We then make some friends in Congress who will support our cause who will be willing to film some promotions with the orphans and cubs. Then processes repeat themselves to keep the public involved and sending in money, and we sit back and watch the money come rolling in. Since we are nonconnected, the issue of sending our finances to be monitored rears its ugly head again. We will stay fine as long we spend at least 20% to pursue our lobbying goals. Then we will try

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