Case Study : The New Company

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McKesson was founded in 1833 by John McKesson and Charles Olcott, when organized health care was just getting started in America. They started in New York City importing and wholesaling therapeutic drugs and chemicals. The young company imported drugs from Europe aboard trade ships along with medicinal herbs, spices and roots. In 1853 an employee, Daniel Robbins, became a partner in the firm and it was renamed McKesson and Robbins. McKesson and Robbins utilized covered wagons to distribute their pharmaceuticals to 17 states and territories from Vermont to California. By 1855 the company was one of the first companies to manufacture drugs. Their products soon became known worldwide and won medals for their work. In the early 1900’s the…show more content…
With the integration annual revenues are expected in excess of $170 billion with 85,000 employees worldwide, and operations in more than 20 countries. I had the opportunity to talk with one of the project managers for the company and ask a few questions so I might be able to better understand the company. The first question that I asked was what inspired him to go into this field. And his answer was “I had a background in healthcare and a degree in industrial Engineering so it was a natural fit to come into this industry. I was also excited to find a career that encouraged me to work without direction and innovate. What keeps me motivated is the fact that we’re vastly improving the efficiency and accuracy of how drugs are dispensed affecting millions of lives each day.” (Mark Edwards, McKesson HVS 2015) I then asked what he needed to know to be effective in this field. His reply was “How to work with a customer to determine what a customer needs to be successful in their business, how to align software engineering and mechanical engineering with the customer’s needs, Operational Efficiency and Project Management Skills”. (Mark Edwards, McKesson HVS 2015) My third question for Mr. Edwards was what kind of attire was worn or expected to be worn and his response was simply, “McKesson has pockets of casual, but I
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