Case Study : What A Concept?

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Remotivation Therapy: What a Concept?
By Denise M LimaLaskiewicz | Submitted On January 11, 2012

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Expert Author Denise M LimaLaskiewicz
Activity Professionals are presented with new and old therapeutic modalities on a constant basis. Each therapeutic intervention is designed to enhace the quality of life for the client. Today there are a variety of therapies such as pet therapy, music therapy, aromatherapy and vaildation therapy. Each one is well known and used by activity professionals throughout the nation however, there is an under utilized therapuetic technique which is referred to as remotivation therapy that provides a wonderful opportunity for one to explore.

Remotivation therapy is defined by the National Remotivation Therapy Org. Inc. (N.R.T.O.) as "Remotivation is a small group therapeutic modality innature, desinge to help clients by promoting self-esteem, awareness and socialization." ( Those who facilitate these groups are referred to as Remotivation therapists. The N.R.T.O. Inc defines a Remotivation therapist as one who uses Remotivation therapy to reach the "unwounded" areas of the patient 's personality to get them
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