Case Study of Foodmart Inc's Contract Breach

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According to this case, Todd entered into a legally binding agreement with the company (Foodmart, Inc.) through their online contract form. The company offered to provide him with an online ordering service for home delivery. This service is however only applicable within a 10-mile radius of each store and is enforceable upon clients agreeing to their terms and conditions when making their initial online purchase. Todd agreed to these terms and conditions and then unsuccessfully tried to make a purchase of a certain chocolate. After his unsuccessful attempt in purchasing the sauce that he required from 2 additional stores, the company refused to get him his sauce. He ultimately sued the company for a breach of contract and then made a claim of damages totaling the amount of money he would have made after selling the cake that he was to make with the unavailable chocolate cake.
It is quite clear that both parties were part of a legally binding agreement. There is a possibility that a breach of contract took place. This breach could have been caused by Todd or Foodmart, Inc. According to the terms of the contract that Todd agreed to, the stated sales…
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