Casual Analysis: The Epidemic Of Campus Sexual Assault

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Casual Analysis
Cause. There are multiple factors that cause the unfortunate epidemic that is campus sexual assault, a major one being how the assault or attempted assault was achieved. A victim can be physically forced by his or her assailant, another means through which sexual assault occurs is through incapacitation of the victim. The legal definition of sexual assault includes one’s ability to provide consent. Individuals who are incapacitated by either the effects of drugs or alcohol are unable to consent.
There is a social ideology that alcohol makes people more aggressive or more likely to misunderstand consent, there is also a social ideology that women who drink alcohol are more promiscuous than women who do not drink alcohol.
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Sexual assault is not just a crime against an individual, it affects families, the community, and society as a whole. In recent years, our society has shifted to one of rape culture and rape myth. Rape myths are erroneous, stereotypical, and prejudicial beliefs about rape victims and reasons of sexual assault. Rape myths can impact survivors of assault, as well as the behavior and effectiveness of family, friends, medical and social services, and law enforcement (Rape Victim Advocates, 2016). Rape impacts our society by attacking the cohesion and mutual protection that makes a society. When we allow such crimes to go without the most vigorous and vigilant investigation and punishment, we allow for whole segments of society to be diminished, we are sending the message that society is okay with rape (Abbey,…show more content…
Or is rape perpetuated by a small number of men who are at their core, predators? It can also be questioned, is rape a clearly definable crime or are there grey areas? A report from the Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network expressed concern that “emphasizing rape culture makes it harder to stop sexual violence, since it removes the focus from the individual at fault, and seemingly mitigates personal responsibility for his or her own actions” (RAINN, 2015). This report was submitted to the White House in order to offer recommendations to the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault policy program; feminist pushed back at this claim pointing out that we live in a patriarchal society, “it shouldn’t be difficult to hold accountable the individuals who commit acts legally defined as rape, while we also discuss how prosecuting rapists is made difficult by those who blame victims and make excuses for men’s violence, all of which is related to the way our culture routinely glorifies other type’s of men’s violence (war, sports, and action movies) and routinely presents objectified female bodies to men for sexual pleasure (pornography, Hollywood movies, and strip clubs)” (Marcotte, 2014). The late feminist Gerda Lerner defined patriarchy as “the manifestation and institutionalization of male dominance over women and children in the family and the extension of male dominance over women in the society in
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