Cat Descriptive Writing

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Sun shines through the cracked window, highlighting the swirling dust in the air. It bounces off the sparkling glasses and cutlery, setting the restaurant alight with sparkles. A slight breeze hits the shimmering chandelier, sending beautiful lights around the room. Despite this, the occupants are tense and quiet, except for a small cat, basking in the sunlight. Her ears flick back and forth despite the relaxed demeanour. Warm daylight shines through her soft, grey fur, making it look white. With her eyes happily closed, she emits an engine like sound, in sync with her breathing. The small purple ribbon around her neck is frayed, and a slight ringing comes from the attached bell as it swings.
A young girl sits nearby, shielding her eyes from the sun with one scratched hand, while the other angrily clutches her dress. Beneath the dress, she wears several layers of alarmingly bright shirts. Her small legs swing above the ground, and are covered by grubby, ripped green leggings. Her small feet hit the chair leg each time they swing by. The entire …show more content…

The metal mesh imitates a prison, and the crate looks uncomfortable and grim. The child focuses her glare on the man, hoping to scare him off, but to no avail. Her mother picks up the oblivious cat, who purrs loudly. She doesn't realise that she is about to be betrayed, but how could she? With a squeak, she is ungracefully placed into the crate, where she begins to panic, scratching against the door. This breaks the young girl's heart , and she jumps up, intending for one last goodbye. However, she is intimidated by the man and stands, awkwardly, behind her brother. Her father exchanges numbers, and promises to keep in touch, while her mother kneels down in front of her and explains. The cat will have new friends and a bigger home; a better home. She promises that they will visit the cat, who will be much happier. The child is cynical, but calms

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