Catcher In The Rye Quote Analysis

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The Catcher in the Rye is a book by J.D. Salinger. It talks about a teenage boy who has mental issues. He is never happy because he thinks everybody is phony. His parents do not care at all about him, and that makes him very sad so he gets expelled from all school. The only person that understands him and can give advice is his sister, Phoebe. A Tpassage were we can see that connexion between Phoebe and Holden is when he buys a gift for her and he uses a time to think about her “The first record store I went into had a copy of “Little Shirley Beans” (p.128). The point of interest is that in this scene, Holden tries to make his sister Phoebe happy because she is always by her side to understand his problems; so he wants to thank her. “Boy, …show more content…

It is one of the only things that he does with his heart because he isn’t usually happy; he complains all the time. I chose this passage because when Holden mentioned “The Shearly Beans”, I felt that represented childhood and innocence. This song is important to Holden because he hates phony people but, for once he appreciates the voice of the singer: she is not phony. When he is saying that he loves the singer Estelle Fletcher he uses a hyperbole to exaggerate his loving for the lyrics. The dramatic interest is that the song of the recorder never ends and when he breaks it. Those passages symbolize that he doesn’t want his sister to grow up, he prefers her being a child and innocent because he takes the time to care about her and to do things with her. Holden loves kids and/or innocence people. We could see it, when he asks the car driver “where do the ducks sleep in winter ?”. A second example is when holden tries to protect the children from the bad word “Fuck you” on the wall. Then, when he walks with the record, he breaks it in several pieces. I think that it shows how every kid become a teenager once in their lives. Because it is broken there no song anymore and that represents growing up. Holden is scared to lose Phoebe when she starts to grow up, he loves her now because she is

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