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By: Ella Goldberg Characterization Being different is difficult, especially when you’re a teenager. It’s not easy being singled out and feeling like the bad apple. Standing apart from others can be hard and takes courage. Society does not appreciate misfits, especially trouble makers who don’t make any effort to succeed. There is nothing wrong with being different and standing up for what you believe in but Holden goes about it in an arrogant way. It’s as if he sets himself apart from his peers on purpose because he does not want to be phony, just like them. Holden sees a major part of the people in his life as phony, which he tries to isolate himself from, this in turn makes him quite antisocial in every aspect of his life. Holden…show more content…
In the end, he just makes his own life harder because no one is there when he needs someone “the trouble was, though, my address book only has about three people in it” (Salinger 136). But it seems Holden does not realize he is doing this to himself. In conclusion Holden is antisocial in every aspect of his life, setting himself apart at school at home and even with friends. Being different is not ideal for most people, but Holden does not seem to mind. The only problem is he goes about it with negativity by isolating himself from his peers and thinking he is different from everyone than he actually is. Citation Salinger, J. D. The Catcher in the Rye. Boston: Little, Brown, 1951. Print. Pre Essay Reflection Goals to achieve while working on my essay: 1. Work on time management 2. Work on the structure 3. Don’t get off topic Post Essay Reflection During this essay I set out to achieve the goals of working on time management, the structure of my essay and staying on topic. I think I accomplished these goals pretty well because I made sure I dedicated time to working on it therefore I got it done on time. I made sure the structure of this essay was better planned out than my last one. My other goal was to ensure I did not drift and get off topic during my essay. I have had trouble in the past with this but I carefully planned out what I wrote and did a rough copy so this

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