Cathedral Raymond Carver Analysis

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Raymond Carver wrote the story “Cathedral.” He was well-known in American literature. His interest was always in writing. He was a writer of short stories and a poet. His story was first published in the magazine The Atlantic Monthly in September 1981. How people view an individual makes a huge difference in life because people tend to judge without any knowledge, which will lead to regret in the future; therefore, making judgments towards a person, based on their actions or feelings, is perverse.
Raymond Carver was born in Oregon in 1938. Beginning when he was in high school, his interest was in writing. He followed his career in writing with his first story published in 1960, called “The Furious Seasons.” He attended many writing courses, and was influenced by John Gardner. Carver enrolled in writing programs and always had interest in writing articles and poems. He started following his career in writing short stories, poems, and articles. His short stories were also known as some of America’s best stories. He died in 1988 at the age of fifty, due to lung cancer.
The story starts with the blind man and the old friend of narrator’s wife whose wife had died. The narrator’s wife and the blind man were old close friend. The blind man touches her face and they are connected to each other, and they also share their feelings. The narrator’s wife tries to write the story about them too. The narrator describes how the blind man and his wife keep in touch by sending tapes to each

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