Catholic Education Research Paper

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I cannot describe what Catholic Education means to me currently without recalling what it once meant to me. Catholic Education meant different things to me at different stages of my life. From kindergarten to around grade 5, Catholic Education was just education. I knew public schools existed. I understood that Catholic schools engaged students in the Catholic faith. Like my peers I would pray, listen during religion lessons, and sit cross-legged on the gymnasium floor, cramped together with 500 other students. The masses meant nothing to me. (They really just meant discomfort because my legs would always fall asleep.) I listened to most lessons passively all the time, and religion lessons were no exception. Prayers were only memorized …show more content…

I came to conclusions about my faith and Catholic Education. Catholic Education still does not mean much to me. However, it brings together people who (most of the time) come from a Catholic/Christian backgrounds, and creates a sense of community. For that I appreciate Catholic Education. What I do not find as nice about Catholic schools is that despite being centred around religion, people in Catholic schools can be just as mean-spirited, rude, and uncompassionate as people in public schools, if not worse. I am aware that it is unrealistic to assume that those in Catholic schools are all wonderful people, but I find reality ironic. In my opinion, Catholic Education is like public education, except Catholic students have school masses and are obligated to take religion courses. As I introduced previously, being subject to Catholic Education and those devoutly religious for the better part of 13 years has guided me to my brand of Catholicism so to speak. Catholic Education has inadvertently, or possibly intentionally, started me off on my own spiritual path by showing me what I do not like about Catholicism (eg. the belief that not going to church is bad). Spirituality and personal religious beliefs are lifelong works in progress, and I suppose that without Catholic Education my progress would have started later in my

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